Our Curriculum

At Ashgate Croft we provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum for all our pupils with the aim of ensuring our pupils become as independent as possible throughout their school career and beyond. The following elements make up Ashgate Croft’s curriculum:

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The EYFS is integrated within the Primary Department Curriculum. It consists of the Statutory Prime and Specific areas of Communication and Language; Physical Development; Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the World; and Expressive Arts and Design. We are in the process of developing an Outdoor Learning Area in which pupils are encouraged to explore different zones.

National Curriculum

Ashgate Croft School have responded to the new National Curriculum (NC). Each subject leader has examined their area of the National Curriculum and acted upon any changes they have needed to make where required. Schemes of Work (SoW) and Long Term Planning (LTP) have been changed to reflect the new coverage. In some cases it was felt that changes of the new NC were at too high a level for pupils at Ashgate Croft, and would be differentiated appropriately.

Personal Skills

At Ashgate Croft we aim to prepare our pupils to become as independent as possible. Personal Skills focuses on developing functional skills and develops priority areas of learning. Personal Skills focuses on communication skills, functional mathematics, physical skills, thinking and organisational skills, as well as developing social skills.

Foundation Learning

Pupils in Key Stage 4 and 5 follow a curriculum which develops their independence skills and aims to prepare them for the future. The Foundation Learning curriculum integrates core subjects of English, Maths, Computing and Science. In addition to this, there are five main elements which consist of Independent Living Skills, Vocational Skills, Personal and Social Development, Community Skills and Sports. Pupils in Key Stage 4 and 5 follow accredited OCR courses at entry levels 1, 2 and 3. Pupils are entered for accreditation in Key Stage 5 once they have completed a number of different modules across these areas.

Careers Education / Employability

At Ashgate Croft School careers education is embedded within the teaching of PSHE. Pupils in Key Stage 4 and 5 receive careers education during 'vocational' studies and also have opportunities for work experience both within Ashgate Croft School and also through outside providers.

Additional Curriculums and Sessions

R-Time also takes place for all pupils once a week. These are sessions which aim to increase and develop positive relationships for our pupils. Sex Education sessions take place as part of a planned curriculum within PSHE lessons. Sex Education focuses on changes and preparing pupils for growing up. The sessions take place over one term and Parents/Carers are fully informed as to what will be covered before the units take place. Parents/Carers may withdraw pupils from all or part of Sex and Relationship Education lessons. Further details are available in school, on request. We hold a Family Forum every school year when there is opportunity to talk about the PSHE/SRE curriculum with staff.

Additional Therapy and Specialist Curriculum

Some pupils require additional therapy input and this may be carried out by class staff or visiting professionals. In some classes the timetable reflects the need for pupils to have a longer period of time for sessions. National Curriculum subjects are grouped together under Prime and Specific areas and also under focused learning of Social Relationships and Emotional Development, Communication, Conceptual Development, Sensory Responses, Understanding Time and Place, Orientation, Movement and Mobility. Responses to routines and change, and 'ownership of learning'. This curriculum is designed to incorporate MOVE which is a programme followed by class staff, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy to enable increasing independence and opportunities for movement throughout the school day.

Teaching British Values

At Ashgate Croft School we promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance towards those with different faiths and beliefs. What this looks like at Ashgate Croft School:

  • We place a great emphasis on communication and in supporting students to make choices and have their opinion heard.
  • We encourage students to have their say in matters that concern them in school. We do this by having an active school council and having a student rep on the anti-bullying working party/group.
  • All staff are PROACT-Scipr-UK trained. They support and encourage students to manage their own behaviour and develop positive attitudes towards each other. Most students in school have an Individual Behaviour Plan.
  • As a school we are actively involved within our local community. All the Upper Department classes access facilities in the local community such as churches, shops and cafes at least once a week. A large part of our community work is supporting students to develop their knowledge of how to act in a socially appropriate manner in different settings.
  • Ashgate Croft School is a UNICEF 'Rights Respecting School' and has been awarded Level 1. As part of our aims to promote a happy and successful school, we will continue to work as a UNICEF “Rights Respecting School”.
  • These values are also embedded within our curriculum across all Key Stages.

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum that we follow, please contact Roberta Lowe - Headteacher's PA.

Subject Policies

To view the subject policies, please see the documents below.