Ashgate Croft School recognises that communication is a vital part of our pupils’ education. We endeavour to provide a Total Communicative Environment which is a way of encouraging communication using a variety of different methods.

It is very important for our pupils to be able to communicate and equally as important for everyone who works with our pupils to support them appropriately.

There are many different forms of communication techniques used at Ashgate Croft which are chosen to meet the individual needs of the pupils:

  • Objects of Reference and Visual Timetables
  • Makaton sign language and on body signing
  • Body movement, facial expressions, eye contact and Intensive interaction
  • Photographs and Symbols
  • Eye pointing and Eye gaze
  • Communication I pads which have different communication apps on them
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

Total Communication helps our pupils make choices, make their needs know and be involved in making decisions about their lives.

For more information on the school's Communication Policy and Charter, please see our Policy Section.

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