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The Covid-19 (‘coronavirus’) situation is understandably causing a lot of uncertainty, so we have created this page to help support families. To register for support, follow this link.

Aims & Vision of Careers Education at Ashgate Croft School

Careers at Ashgate Croft is defined as 'Any activity which furthers the knowledge, understanding, skill or experience with the purpose of leading to life enhancing outcome, including improving the possibility & probability of working in a range of settings.'

We aim to ensure a high quality of vocational and careers education for all our students, to be delivered in a meaningful and appropriate way for their needs and circumstances.

Through person centred planning with the Education, Health & Care (EHCP) plans at the centre, we support all our students to articulate their aspirations for adult life, including community inclusion, independence, their aspiration to work and promoting their physical and mental health. This also includes adults around our students, knowing the individual and their needs.

Our school vision is for all our students to become as independent as they can be and to be prepared for adulthood. We aim to give them every opportunity to reach their full potential whether that is to continue in further education, employment, or independent living.

Parent/Carer Involvement

We work in partnership with parents/carers and other agencies to ensure that students are supported holistically in their development. We do this by the use of home-school books, newsletters, parent/carer evenings, coffee mornings, school website, and whole school events, we share information, open days and careers fairs to help inform the decision-making process.

We inform parent/carers of opportunities which will enrich, enhance and add to the curriculum offered at Ashgate Croft, including open days, activities and events. We remind our parents/carers that with the right support, many young people with SEND can find paid work and be supported to live independently and participate in leading a full and active role in their community.

  • Ashgate Croft School Careers lead and work experience co-ordinator - Richard Windle

  • Member of Leadership Team responsible for Careers - Georgia Middlebrook (Assistant Head - Upper School)

  • Ashgate Croft independent careers adviser – Laura Wilkins (Senior SEND Officer 14-25)

Our Careers Programme / Provider Access Policy can be found as an attachment at the bottom of our Curriculum page here.

Chesterfield College Information Evening

On Tuesday 23rd February 2021, Chesterfield College held a virtual careers information event for families. This was hosted by Helen Davie who is one of the Foundation Studies tutors at Chesterfield College.

Family Careers Information Evening - Year 10 and Year 11

On Tuesday 26th January 2021, Richard Windle and Laura Wilkins hosted a virtual careers evening for families of Year 10 and Year 11 students. This was a great opportunity for families to watch a presentation from Laura on information about choices for Post-16 education and the chance to ask questions about the next steps.

Due to the success of this evening, we will be organising more information evenings in the future.

Encounters with employers and employees

For more information, please see attached file which will be regularly updated.

Encounters with experiences of workplaces

For more information, please see attached file which will be reguarly updated.

Encounters with further & higher education

For more information, please see attached file which will be regularly updated.