We have our own school dress code available from school, which has been agreed with Parents/Carers.

We recognise that it is not always easy for Parents/Carers to provide their child with a special uniform. All pupils are however, encouraged to wear the school sweatshirt or cardigan available in blue or red. School polo shirts and T-shirts are available to order. Boys should wear dark coloured trousers. Girls should wear dark coloured skirts or trousers.

All clothes should be clearly marked with the pupil's name.


Shoes or trainers are acceptable.

  • No high heels or high platform shoes are permitted.
  • No open toed/sling back (summer type/flimsy) shoes at any time of year.


We regard this as unnecessary in school and a potential hazard, especially in PE. An excessive amount of jewellery should not be worn but wrist watches are acceptable.

Body Piercing

We allow pierced ears with studs. No other piercing with jewellery is permitted.