Diary Dates 2020 / 2021

Club / SportMeetingSocial EventTrip / Visit
2ndINSET dayINSET daySchool closed to pupils.
[Category: Meeting]
Wednesday, 2nd Sep 2020×
3rdINSET dayINSET daySchool closed to pupils.
[Category: Meeting]
Thursday, 3rd Sep 2020×
4thINSET dayINSET daySchool closed to pupils.
[Category: Meeting]
Friday, 4th Sep 2020×
7thFirst day Autumn Term 1First day Autumn Term 1First day of school for pupils.
Monday, 7th Sep 2020×
22ndEnd of Autumn Term 1End of Autumn Term 1Last day of Autumn Term 1
Thursday, 22nd Oct 2020×
23rdINSET dayINSET daySchool closed to pupils.
[Category: Meeting]
Friday, 23rd Oct 2020×
2ndFirst day Autumn Term 2First day Autumn Term 2First day of Autumn Term 2
Monday, 2nd Nov 2020×
30thChristmas Tree DecoratingChristmas Tree DecoratingMiddle & Upper School decorate the tree in Cuttholme Hall
Monday, 30th Nov 2020×
7thMiddle School Carols & Mince PiesMiddle School Carols & Mince PiesParents/Carers are invited to a carol service with mince pies
Monday, 7th Dec 2020×
14thMiddle School Christmas PartyMiddle School Christmas PartyWear your party clothes!
Monday, 14th Dec 2020×
18thLast day Autumn Term 2Last day Autumn Term 2Have a great Christmas!
Friday, 18th Dec 2020×
4thFirst Day Spring Term 3 2021First Day Spring Term 3 2021Welcome back - Happy New Year!
Monday, 4th Jan 2021×
12thLast day Spring Term 3Last day Spring Term 3Have a safe half term.
Friday, 12th Feb 2021×
22ndFirst day Spring Term 4 2021First day Spring Term 4 2021Welcome back - Spring Term 4
Monday, 22nd Feb 2021×
1stLast day Spring Term 4Last day Spring Term 4Happy Easter holidays!
Thursday, 1st Apr 2021×
19thFirst day Summer Term 5 2021First day Summer Term 5 2021Welcome back - it's summer!
Monday, 19th Apr 2021×
28thLast day Summer Term 5Last day Summer Term 5Enjoy your week off!
Friday, 28th May 2021×
7thFirst day Summer Term 6 2021First day Summer Term 6 2021Welcome back - last term of the year.
Monday, 7th Jun 2021×
22ndLast day of termLast day of termSummer holidays - have a safe one!
Thursday, 22nd Jul 2021×

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