Diary Dates 2018 / 2019

Club / SportMeetingSocial EventTrip / Visit
3rdINSET DayINSET DayStaff training day - closed to pupils.
[Category: Meeting]
Monday, 3rd Sep 2018×
4thINSET DayINSET DayStaff training day - closed to pupils.
[Category: Meeting]
Tuesday, 4th Sep 2018×
5thINSET DayINSET DayStaff training day - closed to pupils.
[Category: Meeting]
Wednesday, 5th Sep 2018×
6thINSET DayINSET DayStaff training day - closed to pupils.
[Category: Meeting]
Thursday, 6th Sep 2018×
7thFirst day of Autumn term 1First day of Autumn term 1First day back for pupils - welcome back!
Friday, 7th Sep 2018×
24thUpper 4 Coffee AfternoonUpper 4 Coffee AfternoonTime: 14:00 - 15:00Parents and Carers of students in Upper 4 are invited to the coffee afternoon.
[Category: Social Event]
Monday, 24th Sep 2018×
25thUpper 3 Coffee/Tea afternoonUpper 3 Coffee/Tea afternoonTime: 13:30 - 14:30Parents/Carers are invited to Upper 3's coffee afternoon.
[Category: Social Event]
Tuesday, 25th Sep 2018×
28thMiddle 5 Afternoon Tea
28thMiddle 3 Coffee AfternoonMiddle 3 Coffee AfternoonTime: 14:00 - 15:00Parent/Carers of pupils in Middle 3 are invited to a coffee afternoon on Fri 28th September at 2pm. Please let class know if you are attending.
[Category: Social Event]
Friday, 28th Sep 2018×
3rdParent/Carer EveningParent/Carer EveningTime: 15:30 - 17:50See letter for more information.
[Category: Meeting]
Wednesday, 3rd Oct 2018×
22ndHistory Day
26thLast day of Autumn term 1Last day of Autumn term 1Enjoy half term break.
Friday, 26th Oct 2018×
5thFirst day of Autumn term 2First day of Autumn term 2Welcome back!
Monday, 5th Nov 2018×
12thAnti-bullying week
13thAnti-bullying Family ForumAnti-bullying Family ForumTime: 09:30 - 10:30Parents and Carers are invited to a family forum to discuss anti-bullying, led by Ali Rodgers - Assistant Head Middle School.
[Category: Meeting]
Tuesday, 13th Nov 2018×
16thChildren in Need
30thPSFA Spectacular SpectacularPSFA Spectacular SpectacularTime: 19:30 - 22:30Details to follow.
[Category: Social Event]
Friday, 30th Nov 2018×
30thTree up in Greenbank Hall
3rdTree up in Cuttholme Hall
5thOnline Safety & Cyber BullyingOnline Safety & Cyber BullyingTime: 14:15 - 15:15Parents and Carers are invited to a Family Forum
[Category: Meeting]
Wednesday, 5th Dec 2018×
13thUpper School Christmas Fayre
14thPSFA Christmas DiscoPSFA Christmas DiscoTime: 19:00 - 21:00The PSFA welcome parents, carers and children to their annual Christmas disco. Tickets must be purchased in advance, from reception.
[Category: Social Event]
Friday, 14th Dec 2018×
17thChristmas Jumper DayChristmas Jumper DayToday is Christmas Jumper Day - £1 donation with all proceeds going towards the refurbishment of the loud playground in school.
[Category: Social Event]
Monday, 17th Dec 2018×
17thChristmas Dinner
17thPrimary show dress rehearsal
18thPrimary Show
18thMiddle School Christmas Party
19thPrimary Show
19thUpper School Christmas Party
20thPrimary School Christmas Party
21stWhole School assembly
21stLast day of Autumn term 2Last day of Autumn term 2Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Friday, 21st Dec 2018×
7thFirst day of Spring term 3First day of Spring term 3Welcome back everyone!
Monday, 7th Jan 2019×
14thWhole School PantoWhole School PantoThe Whole School are being treated to a performance of 'Mother Goose' - thank you to the PSFA for funding.
[Category: Trip / Visit]
Monday, 14th Jan 2019×
15thPSFA meeting
5thSafer Internet Day
15thLast day of Spring term 3Last day of Spring term 3Have a good half term break.
Friday, 15th Feb 2019×
25thFirst day of Spring term 4First day of Spring term 4Welcome back.
Monday, 25th Feb 2019×
20thParent/Carer Evening
29thPrimary Parent/Carer Assembly
8thSTEM DaySTEM DayScience, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) Day for the Whole School.
Monday, 8th Apr 2019×
11thEaster Fayre - Upper School
12thLast day of Spring term 4Last day of Spring term 4Happy Easter!
Friday, 12th Apr 2019×
29thFirst day of Summer term 5First day of Summer term 5Summer term already!
Monday, 29th Apr 2019×
6thBank HolidayBank HolidaySchool Closed.
Monday, 6th May 2019×
16thChildren's Rights Day
24thLast day of Summer term 5Last day of Summer term 5Enjoy the half term break.
Friday, 24th May 2019×
3rdFirst day of Summer term 6First day of Summer term 6Last term of the year - welcome back everyone!
Monday, 3rd Jun 2019×
8thWelcome afternoon Welcome afternoon Time: 13:15 - 15:00Parents/Carers of new pupils are invited to our welcome afternoon.
[Category: Meeting]
Monday, 8th Jul 2019×
10thUpper School Production
11thUpper School Production
12thPrize Giving
17thUpper School Prom
19thLast day of Summer term 6Last day of Summer term 6Enjoy the summer break everyone!
Friday, 19th Jul 2019×
22ndINSET DayINSET DayINSET Day - School closed.
Monday, 22nd Jul 2019×

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