Volunteers & Student Placements (Placements to be reviewed September 2021 due to COVID)

Protocol for recruitment of volunteers and student placements

Volunteers are welcomed at Ashgate Croft Special School and have varied roles to play including:

  • Classroom support (including students working towards Teaching Assistant, Teacher, Nursing, and Social Worker qualifications).
  • Work experience for pupils from other local schools.
  • Former pupils of Ashgate Croft Special School.
  • Governing Board.
  • Residential trip support.

The availability of placements will depend upon availability of a suitable placement and length of placements will vary according to demand and the needs of the school. Any placement must be in the best interest of pupils and be conducive with efficient and effective running of the school. Placements will be agreed on an annual basis only, with volunteers asked to commit to agreed placement length, days and times, with this agreement reviewed at least annually. The school reserves the right to reject an application or cease placements without notice. The school cannot accept responsibility for assisting individuals in their own care or safety nor to the transporting any volunteer to or from the placement.

Application Process

Each applicant (unless organised via a school or a university) will need to complete a volunteer application form, detailing the names and contact details of two referees. Suitable applicants will be invited to interview with the Headteacher. Confirmation of a volunteer placement will be in writing.

Please contact Roberta Lowe (Head's PA) on email ACSRLowe@learnerstrust.org for an application form.


Before gaining access to a volunteer placement, recruitment and safeguarding procedures will be carried out to access the suitability of all prospective volunteers. All volunteers will require a Derbyshire County Council Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service Clearance check, unless in secondary education or studying with a higher educational establishment who have completed and provided confirmation of this to the school. Safeguarding checks will include:

One document from each group must be provided:

Group 1

  • Valid passport (Any current and valid passport)
  • Current Driving Licence (Current driving licence photo card (full or provisional). UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and EEA.)
  • Original Birth Certificate (Birth Certificate - issued within 12 months of birth. UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands - including those issued by UK authorities overseas, eg embassies, High Commissions and HM Forces)
  • Biometric Residence Permit (UK Only)
  • Adoption Certificate (UK and Channel Islands)

Group 2a

  • Reissued Birth Certificate (UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands)
  • Firearms Licence (UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man)
  • HM Forces ID Card (UK Only)
  • Immigration document, visa or works permit (Issued by a country outside the EEA. Valid only for roles whereby the applicant is living and working outside of the UK. Visa/permit must relate to the non EEA country in which the role is based)
  • Current Driving Licence Photo Card (Current Driving Licence photocard (full or provisional). All countries outside the EEA (excluding Isle of Man and Channel Islands)
  • Old Style Paper Driving Licence (Old style paper version only (Full or Provisional) All licenses must be valid in line with current DVLA requirements. Please note that this is not the 'Counterpart' document.)
  • Marriage/Civil Partnership Certificate (UK and Channel Islands)

Group 2b

  • Bank or Building Society Statement (UK and Channel Islands or EEA
    Issued in last 3 months.)
  • Bank or Building Society Statement – Countries outside the EEA (Issued in last 3 months, branch must be in the country where the applicant lives and works)
  • PASS Accredited Card (UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands
    Must still be valid.)
  • Letter from a Headteacher (UK - for 16 to 19 year old in full time education.
    Only used in exceptional circumstances if other documents cannot be provided.
    Must still be valid.)
  • P45/P60 Statement (UK and Channel Islands
    Issued in last 12 months.)
  • Benefit Statement (UK Only for example Child Benefit, Pension
    Issued in last 3 months.)
  • Mortgage Statement (UK or EEA
    Issued in last 12 months.)
  • Council Tax Statement (UK and Channel Islands
    Issued in last 12 months.)
  • Financial Statement (Eg pension or endowment. UK Only.
    Issued in last 12 months.)
  • Utility Bill (UK - not mobile telephone bill. Issued in last 3 months.)
  • Credit Card Statement (UK or EEA.
    Issued in last 3 months.)
  • EU National ID Card (Must still be valid.)
  • Letter of sponsorship from future employment provider. ( Non-UK or non-EEA only - valid only for applicants residing outside of the UK at time of application.
    Must still be valid.)
  • Central or Local Government Agency or Local Council document giving entitlement. (UK and Channel Islands. For example from the Department for work and pensions, the Employment Service, HMRC.
    Issued in last 3 months.)


Student placements will be arranged and monitored by the Headteacher with administrative support from the Head’s PA. A mentor must be identified for each student placement.

ANY CONCERNS REGARDING THE WELFARE AND/OR SAFETY OF PUPILS MUST BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY TO CLAIRE JONES (Headteacher), JENNY DODDS (Deputy Head), Neil Amos (Assistant Head), Ali Rodgers (Assistant Head) or Dawn Leader (Family Support Worker)


The school website includes all updated policies and procedures.