Online Safety

Ali Rodgers is the lead for Online Safety in school. There is an online safety group that meet termly which consists of the ICT Strategic Manager (Jonathon Elton), Computing Subject Leader (Alex Barrett), Anti-bullying Coordinator (Ali Rodgers) and Online Safety Link Governor (Lisa Hodgson). We use the 3600 safe audit and current policies to monitor our online safety provision.

There is a lot of concerning content on the internet and sensible precautions should be taken including letting your child know what to do if they see something that upsets them. They should let a responsible adult know or report their concern by pressing the CEOP button below.

Online Safety Policy

The school's policy on Online Safety can be found here: Online Safety Policy.

Pupils learn about Online Safety through their computing lessons and the annual Safer Internet Day.

Information is regularly sent home about Online Safety; the text message service alerts parents/carers to new content on the school or other organisations’ websites.

There is an annual parent/carer forum on Online Safety.

If you have any queries/questions about Online Safety please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Money Hub

Internet Matters have recently released another excellent resource. As more children and young people spend money online within gaming and social media platforms, the money hub has been created to equip children with the skills they need to spend money online smartly and safety. Details are here.

Instagram - New Tool to Protect from Abuse

An update has been rolled out which includes a new tool to prevent people from receiving abusive DM (private message) requests. This has to be turned on in the settings. Find more information here.

Campaign - Gurls Out Loud

Gurls Out Loud is a campaign from the Internet Watch Foundation to empower girls to block, report and tell someone if they are asked by an adult for explict images. You can find more information here.

Campaign - 11-13 year old girls are at more risk than ever before

Tying in with the Gurls Out Loud campaign, the Internet Watch Foundation have released a hard-hitting campaign to warn girls and their parents about the dangers of being groomed online. More details can be found on this page here and there is a YouTube video (2 minutes in length) here.

SEND Online Safety Hub

The NSPCC have made available a brand new online resource which is useful for parents/carers. Partnered with Ambitious About Autism to bring online safety tips, advice and activities specifically for parents and carers of children with SEND. See here.

8 tips for keeping your kids safe online during lockdown

NSPCC (NetAware) have put together an article to help you keep your child safe online. The article can be found here.

Data and Privacy Online - A toolkit for young people

Imagine that the internet knows everything about you. Does it matter if it does? What can you do to protect your privacy and data online? Click here for more information.

DigiSafe Daily - Worksheets for home

With the majority of children at home, it is important to keep the online safety conversation going. To help parents and carers, LGfL are continuing to put together worksheets that parents can use with their children.

You can find all the worksheets HERE.

TikTok - Silhouette Challenge

The challenge is simple - take a photo of yourself as a silhouette and apply a red filter. See article here.

Tips for Parents - in-game chat

As the holidays approach, many children will be spending more time online and many will be having fun gaming and chatting to their friends online. The majority of children use gaming for socialisation over and above the actual game. A short video from CEOP (38 seconds long!) for parents is here.


There have been some alarming reports in the media about highly inappropriate (and illegal) videos on YouTube. Whilst this isn't new it's good to see this getting coverage. Please talk to your children about the different videos/channels they watch. Just because a thumbnail or title appears child-friendly it doesn't mean it is. Also be sure to check if they have their own channel and upload their own videos. Many children say their parents do not know.

Enable RESTRICTED MODE (video HERE), have a look through their watch/search history and for younger children (under 7) consider YouTube Kids (video HERE). There are updates coming to YouTube Kids app, for guidance see HERE.

Parents' Decision Guide to YouTube for young children can be found here.

Online Safety Day

On Tuesday 11th February 2020, as a school we celebrated Safer Internet Day. The theme was 'Together for a better internet'. All pupils accessed an Online Safety theme assembly and took part in Computing activities throughout the day.

Useful Websites for Parents/Carers

Pokemon Go is the new craze! To find out what Pokemon Go is, please click here. There is also some useful information on what Pokemon Go is on the attached file below.