Online Safety

Jenny Dodds is the lead for Online Safety in school. There is an online safety group that meet termly which consists of the ICT Strategic Manager (Jonathon Elton), Computing Subject Leader (Alex Barrett), Anti-bullying Coordinator (Ali Rodgers) and Online Safety Link Governor (Lisa Hodgson). We use the 3600 safe audit and current policies to monitor our online safety provision.

Online Safety Policy

The school's policy on Online Safety can be found here: Online Safety Policy.

Pupils learn about Online Safety through their computing lessons and the annual Safer Internet Day.

Information is regularly sent home about Online Safety; the text message service alerts parents/carers to new content on the school or other organisations’ websites.

There is an annual parent/carer forum on Online Safety.

If you have any queries/questions about Online Safety please do not hesitate to contact the school.


There have been some alarming reports in the media about highly inappropriate (and illegal) videos on YouTube. Whilst this isn't new it's good to see this getting coverage. Please talk to your children about the different videos/channels they watch. Just because a thumbnail or title appears child-friendly it doesn't mean it is. Also be sure to check if they have their own channel and upload their own videos. Many children say their parents do not know.

Enable RESTRICTED MODE (video HERE), have a look through their watch/search history and for younger children (under 7) consider YouTube Kids (video HERE). There are updates coming to YouTube Kids app, for guidance see HERE.

Online Safety Day

On 6th February 2018, the whole school participated in Online Safety Day and the theme was 'Create, Connect and Share Respect'. All classes participated in assemblies and pupils created posters as part of a competition, as voted by the School Council. The two winners of the competition were Finn Hill and Brandon Bell; their posters can be viewed as an attachment below.

Useful Websites for Parents/Carers

Pokemon Go is the new craze! To find out what Pokemon Go is, please click here. There is also some useful information on what Pokemon Go is on the attached file below.