School policies are reviewed regularly and approved at Full Governors' meetings. Please see below for a list of policies. For a list of curriculum related policies, please see the Curriculum page.

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Safeguarding Folder12-Jul-18
Home School Communication Nov 16.pdf200 kb30-Nov-16
External contributors policy updated May 2017.pdf200 kb05-Jul-17
Child Protection Model Policy Sept 2017.pdf748 kb16-Nov-17
Admissions policy - May 2018.pdf248 kb04-May-18
Code of Conduct for School Staff Jan 17.pdf363 kb21-Nov-17
communication, social understanding, imagination, behaviour, sensory.pdf1.4 MB25-Jan-18
Accessibility Plan Apr 18.pdf388 kb04-May-18
Confidential Reporting Code (Whistleblowing Policy) - Review November 2017.pdf191 kb28-Nov-17
Equality Policy 2017-18.pdf441 kb04-Oct-17
CHARGES AND REMISSIONS POLICY 2017-2018.pdf223 kb13-Dec-17
Staff Handbook - updated January 2018.pdf800 kb08-Jan-18
Inclusion policy March 2018.pdf333 kb22-Mar-18
Attendance Policy for Parents-Carers Sept 2017.pdf703 kb04-Oct-17
Management of Sickness Absence Procedure 1617 REVIEWED 02.02.17.pdf714 kb21-Nov-17
Toileting Policy May 2017.pdf201 kb05-Jul-17
Access to personal informaton 1819.pdf377 kb10-Jul-18
Autism Policy - November 2017.pdf308 kb26-Apr-18
Data Protection Policy.pdf227 kb26-May-16
ONLINE Safety Policy - Sept 2016.pdf675 kb20-Oct-16
Guidelines for Visitors '17.pdf72 kb28-Jun-17
Contents page - July 2018.pdf181 kb10-Jul-18
Guidance on Infection Control in Schools.pdf295 kb26-May-16
Data Protection Policy - Privacy Notice - school workforce 16-17.pdf84 kb26-Apr-18
Calm Room Policy May 2018.pdf270 kb04-May-18
GDPR Data Protection Policy 1819.pdf522 kb10-Jul-18
Moving and Handling Policy - June 2016.pdf112 kb21-Nov-17
Private Fostering Model Policy - Updated Sept 17.pdf329 kb04-Oct-17
Data Breach Procedure.pdf282 kb10-Jul-18
Provider Access Policy.pdf275 kb04-May-18
Withdraw from permission form.pdf63 kb09-May-18
Anti-bullying Policy January 2018.pdf296 kb25-Jan-18
Whole School Food Policy - November 2017.pdf228 kb28-Nov-17
Safeguarding Folder July 2018.zip14.3 MB10-Jul-18
Child Sexual Exploitation Policy.pdf358 kb30-Sep-16
Governing Board Code of Practice.pdf199 kb26-May-16
Freedom of Information Publication Policy.pdf1.2 MB26-May-16
Medicines Policy April 2017.pdf302 kb25-Apr-17
Pupil Behaviour Policy May 2018.pdf588 kb04-May-18
Acceptable Use of IT, Internet & Electronic Communication Policy.pdf387 kb10-Jul-18
Lettings 1819.pdf205 kb01-May-18
Fire Prevention and Evacuation Procedures 2017.pdf189 kb13-Dec-17
No Smoking Policy 17-18.pdf336 kb10-Jul-18
Health and Safety Policy 1819.pdf1.5 MB18-Jul-18
Homework Policy 2018.pdf284 kb22-Mar-18
Educational Trips and Visits Policy November 2016.pdf608 kb25-Apr-18
Autism appendices - guidance for non-lesson activities updated.pdf982 kb26-Apr-18
Complaints procedure - Model policy (May 2016).pdf329 kb10-Jul-18
Data Protection Policy - Privacy Notice - school pupils 18-19.pdf181 kb01-May-18
School Meals Policy 2017.pdf254 kb13-Dec-17