If you have donated/contributed to our School in the past then we greatly appreciate it. One of the aims for the School is to ensure that pupils are ‘Building Skills for Life’. To achieve this we are always pro-active in trying to raise additional funds for the school to enhance the facilities and resources available to our pupils.

Our aims for this financial year are to continue to make improvements here at Ashgate and we will always welcome donation/contributions towards these.

Forest Schools

Donations can be made to the Ashgate Croft School MyDonate page.

Fundraising target = £30,000 Total raised = £24,456.87

We are delighted that an application to the Tesco Bags of Help Grant has been successful and our Fund a Forest School project will be put forward to a customer vote in Tesco stores during May and June 2017.

The way the grant works is that as a Tesco customer, you are given a token at the tills, no matter how big or small your shopping basket is. Sometimes you need to ask for one! It's not necessary to buy a carrier bag to get a token. You then have a choice out of three projects to vote for. At the end of June, the project with the highest number of votes will receive up to £4,000, the second placed project up to £2,000 and the third placed project £1,000.

We really would like the £4000 grant to come to our pupils!

The stores where you can get a token are:

Chesterfield Extra (main store, next to the football ground)

Chesterfield Express (Newbold Road)

Chesterfield Metro (precinct in town centre)

Chesterfield Derby Road Express (Derby Road)

Chesterfield Whittington Express (High Street at Whittington)

Please, please, please, if you shop at any of these stores over the next couple of months, get a token and vote for us. Also, please share this with your family, friends, neighbours and anyone you may meet! Your support will be massively appreciated.

Proposed plans:
Area to be developed:

Forest Schools is a popular initiative that uses the natural environment to build independence and self-esteem. Children get muddy, make woodland crafts, build dens, explore mini-beast hotels, develop frog lodges, use tools and learn how to be safe around an open fire. It's all about being outdoors and being free to explore.

For the last year we have been trialling Forest Schools with our students. They love it. However, because of accessibility and safety, we have only been able to do a small amount of the Forest School experience. There certainly hasn’t been any open fires!

We would like this to change. Last year in a survey, pupils and staff all said that they would like more Forest Schools and so the dream to have a bigger, better, purpose built area was born.

We are planning to develop land at the back of the school site. To have a mud kitchen, a willow dome and lots of other Forest School type things. And there’s the all important fire pit, with food prep, cooking area and seating. We will teach them fire safety, how to use tools, how to explore the wild and how to play in an outdoor environment.

For this to happen, we need to make the site suitable for all our pupils. It is crucial that everyone of the children and young people at Ashgate Croft can get around and so we need to lay a pathway, to snake its way through the site. The pathway needs to have specific dimensions and gradients, so that it’s safe for wheelchair users to be pushed. We also want a tarmacked area so that wheelchair users can be hoisted out to sit on outdoor beanbags.

Then we need a fence to give pupils the chance to explore, without having an adult watching over them. To do this, we need to make sure that the site is safe and nobody can wander away from the area.

We will also need a fire pit and lots of wood, willow, plants, mud and insects, as well as lots of waterproofs, wellies and outdoor equipment.

The fun stuff, like a mini-beast hotel or mud pile, won’t cost us much. A path and fence will. It’s a big area. Our fundraising target is £30,000 – it’s amazing how much basic infrastructure costs!

Therefore, please will you join us in our ‘Fund a Forest School’ campaign? You can help by donating to school through the MyDonate link on our website, by fundraising through sponsored events, by spreading the word or even donating a pair of good quality used wellies.

All help will be much appreciated. We want to bring the wild and nature into the lives of all of our pupils. Please help us to do so.

Please join us in our ‘Fund a Forest School’ campaign and help us bring the wilderness into the lives of our students. Donations can be made to the Ashgate Croft School MyDonate page.

Sensory Garden

Fundraising target = £2,193
Total raised so far = £2,193

Old sensory garden:New sensory garden:

The Sensory garden this year has had a makeover. There have been major improvements to the area to allow pupils and adults who are accessing it to have the full sensory experience of touch, smell, sight and sound. The improvements made include:

  • New pergola and trellis
  • Additional fencing
  • Capping slabs and textured slabs
  • Plants and flowers
  • Coloured Perspex

We would like to thank Coal Aston Wesleyan Reform Church, Belfair Bowling, Tesco, Braiswick Photography, Dave Stone Design for their donations and all the parents/carers and staff who donated through the Helping Hands appeal.

Quiet Playground

Fundraising target = £25,000

Total raised so far = £25,000

Before installation:After installation:

Following on from previous improvements to the Primary and Upper playgrounds, the Quite Playground which is off Cuttholme Hall is the next area that has been identified as requiring improvements. Ideas for the design of the area have come from staff and pupils and from these the school have drawn up a plan of how they can improve the area to allow pupils the time to relax and reflect during their daily lives. Included in the project will be:

  • A new pathway snaking around the lower part of the quiet playground. This will incorporate different textures.
  • New play equipment designed for pupils to interact with others. Included will be Translucent and mirrored play panels and creative drawing boards.
  • Seating areas in different locations giving opportunity to sit quietly.
  • A much improved area of shading for those hotter days when they need to chill out.

The improvement will be a benefit to those pupils who like a more relaxed environment during break times. For more information please see the document below.

We would like to thank The Hedley Foundation, Barnsley Building Society, ProAktive, Linda Currie, Ye Olde Castle Lodge and Ashgate Activity Club for their donations.

Primary Playground Sunshade

Fundraising target = £3,035.00
Total raised so far = £2,268.58

Example of installation:Area of installation:

Identified by staff and pupils is much needed shade within the Primary Playground. The help achieve this fundraising took place to help the school purchase a Sunshade for the area. The installation of the Sun sail is scheduled for the summer break. More information on the design and area is attached below.

The Parents Staff and Friends Association organised a sponsored swim to raise the money to date for this project.

Eyegaze equipment

Fundraising target = £7,314
Total raised so far = £7,314

In use:

An eye gaze allows pupils who cannot communicate in any other way to make choices by using their eyes to point to different items on a screen

This technology enables learners who have physical impairments to have a voice. The packages provided with the eye gaze include communication grids which enable pupils to make independent choices on what is happening to them, what they would like/not like, it makes learning inclusive by enabling the pupil to have the same work as their peers and gives internet access.

This project has been fully funded and we would like to thank One Stop, IBM Computer Belfair Bowling and the Parents Staff and Friends Associations for their donations.

Outdoor Learning Canopy

Fundraising target = £N/A
Total raised so far = £N/A

This will be a canopy installed in our Primary learning area. It will be attached to the Greenbank Hall and will provide a sheltered area for pupils at Ashgate to learn outdoors.

This project has been kindly donated by Techman Engineering. This is a company that is associated with one of our Governors Simon Oxspring. We would like to express our thanks to Simon and Techman Engineering for this generous donation. The installation is scheduled for the summer break. More information on the design and area is attached below.

If you do wish to donate or contribute to any of the projects mentioned above please contact the school direct asking for the School Business Manager.

If you have donated/contributed to the school in the past and/or are interested in any previous fundraising projects please see the attached document below for more information on what we have achieved.

To view previous fundraising projects, please see the document below.

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