Derbyshire Preventing and Tackling Bullying Award Scheme

In March 2017, Ashgate Croft School's ‘Derbyshire Preventing and Tackling Bullying Award’ was recertified.

The Award has been designed to give accredited recognition to the commendable work that our school works so hard to achieve in effectively responding to and managing incidents of bullying and peer conflict.

It builds upon the good practice that is already in place, supporting the development and implementation of robust anti-bullying practice and policy across seven standards of achievement.

The implementation of our Anti-Bullying Policy ensures that there are very few bullying incidents. Our pupil policy is very clear and is displayed as photos around the school:


We have an anti-bullying group which consists of Alison Rodgers (Assistant Head), a Teacher, a Teaching Assistant, a Governor, two Senior Midday Support Assistants and 4 pupils. We meet a minimum of 3 times a year and discuss any issues related to anti-bullying e.g. organising anti-bullying week.

More information can be found in our school Anti-Bullying Policy.

Alison Rodgers is our Anti-bullying Co-ordinator.