School Champions (Governors)

For more information about the LEARNERs' Trust and their Board of Trustees, please see here.

Please find below our current Constitution, School Champion links to the school and attendance for 2019-2020.

NameCategoryAppointing BodyTerm of office from (4 years)Business/Pecuniary InterestSchool LinkAttendance 2019-20
Claire JonesHeadteacherTrustees25th September 2019None-6/6
Cath HendersonStaffSchool ChampionsTo be ratified 03.02.2021NonePupil premium-
Lisa HodgsonParentSchool Champions25th September 2019ParentSafeguarding3/6
Ian McIntoshParentSchool Champions25th September 2019ParentBehaviour, Anti-bullying5/6
Matt FreestonTrust PartnerTrustees25th September 2019NoneHeadteacher's appraisal5/6
Robert DaweCo-opted (Vice chair)School Champions25th September 2019None-1/6
Carol LeeCo-optedSchool Champions25th September 2019NonePE sports grant4/6
Jemma MonkhouseCo-opted (Chair)School Champions25th September 2019NoneHeadteacher's appraisal, SIP Creative arts5/6
Simon OxspringCo-optedSchool Champions25th September 2019Daugher is a teaching inHeadteacher's appraisal, RRSA4/6
Lisa RandallCo-optedSchool Champions25th September 2019None-4/6

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