Federation of Derbyshire Special Schools (FDSS)

Nine of the ten special schools in Derbyshire have formed a soft federation. The legal collaboration agreement was signed in January 2016. The primary aim is to work towards developing strategic approaches to the long and short term challenges that affect Special Education providers in an ever changing local, regional and national landscape. We aim to work with an ethos that values collaborative thinking, resourcing and knowledge but still recognises and reflects the uniqueness of each school and the pupils and families we serve.

Simply, we want to improve the outcomes for all our pupils.

What will this look like in our schools?

  • Headteachers will work collaboratively in order to offer supportive challenge.

How can we be better?

  • Appropriate staff training tailored to our needs.
  • Sharing of expertise and good practice.
  • Better use of resources both educational and support services.
  • Governors working collaboratively to understand their settings and drive improvement by sharing practice.

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