Behaviour Support

We aim to provide a happy, stable, well organised environment where all pupils are encouraged to behave in a sensible and acceptable manner. We are proud of the fact that our pupils are well behaved and that many will actively seek to look after others.

Our Pupil Behaviour Support Policy emphasises the positive and we use a wide variety of rewards across the school to recognise good behaviour. Special certificates and merit awards recognising both good work and behaviour are given out in assemblies. Our weekly ‘Good Heart’ awards recognise those pupils being kind and helpful to others.

We recognise that some pupils need a very structured approach to help them manage their behaviour, often because of their special educational needs. In these cases, an Individual Behaviour Plan will be drawn up in consultation with parents/carers. Day to day matters of discipline are dealt with by the Teaching Assistants and Class Teachers in the first instance.

All members of the Leadership Team (except the School Business Manager) act as behaviour support link person for named classes.

We value being able to work in partnership with parents/carers in order to maintain high standards in school. The support of parents/carers is crucial in helping pupils to behave appropriately.